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5 Essential Pictures Your Photographer Should Capture

Category: Wedding Blog
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Make sure your photographer takes the pictures that you’ll cherish in ten years, twenty years and thirty years time…

We’ve all seen them, the pictures of a gorgeous (as yet unworn) bridal gown or perfectly tailored gents’ suit, hanging in the window of the wedding venue, ready to be put on. It’ll bring back memories of bring a bride, the anticipation of getting into it and also the getting ready process on the morning of your big day.

There’ll be lots of pictures of the day you’ll want to remember, but your groom’s face the first time he sees you on the day of the wedding will be one you’ll always look back on with love. Whether you’re doing the traditional walk down the aisle or the more contemporary “first look” approach, both will be treasured pictures in years to come.

Gathering all your friends and family together is what the day is about, after all. Yes it’s to honour you and your partner and the commitment you’re making, but the day is as much to celebrate the help and love your family give you both as anything else. So make sure to gather even the most reluctant family members for a picture–you’ll have it forever as a beautiful memory.

By that stage, you’ll have forgotten all about the photographer, videographer and whoever else is vying for your attention, and you’ll be just dying to get on the dance floor with your new husband or wife. Capturing the first dance is important as both of you will be more relaxed after the formalities of the day are done.

Sometimes the most beautiful shots of a newly married couple are the most unexpected, candid ones that happen organically without any input from the photographer. Taking five or ten minutes out from your wedding day just to spend with each other (and yes, the photographer will be snapping away) is a nice way to immortalise that special “we did it!” moment together.

For any advice on photography, shot lists or aesthetics for your wedding, chat to the Frog Prince team who can help yours be one picture perfect celebration.

Love, Sharon & the Frog Prince team x