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Flowers: Their Meanings and Seasons

Category: Wedding Blog
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Something that features in practically every wedding we're involved with is flowers and foliage. Bringing nature into a celebration creates such a wonderful atmosphere and can really set the tone for a wedding day.

But we thought we’d let you know what the meanings behind some flowers are, and what seasons they’re best to feature in.

1 Calla Lillies
Meaning: magnificent beauty, femininity and modesty
Season: winter to late spring, but they’re available all year

2 Dahlia
Meaning: gratitude and eternity
Season: summer to early autumn

3 Freesia
Meaning: innnocence, youth
Season: all year round

4 Gardenia
Meaning: secret love, peace and purity
Season: all year round

5 Hyacinth
Meaning: benevolence
Season: November to May

6 Hydrangea
Meaning: devotion and remembrance
Season: July to November

7 Peony
Meaning: welcoming, beauty
Season: spring only (imported ones the rest of the year)

8 Ranunculus
Meaning: charm, gratitude
Season: November to April

9 Rose
Meaning: depends on colour; red for romance and love, yellow for friendship
Season: all year round

There’s not a lot we don’t know about flowers and flower arranging, so call us to chat about your options for your big day and we’ll give you our best advice.

Love, Sharon & the Frog Prince team x