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Questions To Ask At Any Potential Wedding Venue

Category: Wedding Blog
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So, you’ve said yes to your other half. The next big answer you’ll give will be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a particular venue…

So what are the key things not to forget to ask when you go to a viewing? We’re experts in venue choice and so these are the vital ones not to forget.



First thing’s first–make a provisional guest list and get an idea of your numbers. If you fall in love with a venue that holds 150 but you’ve got 250 potential guests, it’s no use. Ask at the venue what the capacity is, and whether that’s round tables, trestle tables or otherwise.



When you get the all important price per head for your venue, make sure to get a clear and comprehensive list of what’s included. So, is it drinks reception drinks only, wine at dinner, choice of mains etc? There’s so much to think of so be sure.



Are there any restrictions you need to know about? For instance, does the bar have to shut at any time? Is there a noise limit for the band or DJ? Does the hotel have powerful enough WiFi to accommodate your guests? Are pets catered for or banned altogether? Your day has to suit your exact requirements, and if that means bringing your dog and having a 4am bar closure, make sure you ascertain if those are possibilities.



Many of your guests will probably want to stay over at or near your venue, especially if it’s not a city wedding. If guests have to travel or if you have lots of guests coming from abroad, it’s essential you can accommodate them overnight either on site or nearby. Ask about room rates and block booking.



If you are hoping to have a non-church based wedding, a civil, humanist or spiritualist ceremony, ask your venue do they have permission for this, how much the fee is (usually around €300, listed sometimes as a ‘set up’ fee for the ceremony) and make sure they’re aware of the full wedding plan.

There are so many other questions worth asking, but that’s where we come in. Frog Prince have been involved in the planning of so many wedding days, from simple to more complex, and so can assist you in making sure the venue you decide on will be perfect for your needs.

Love, Sharon & the Frog Prince team x