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4 Timeless Wedding Trends

Category: Wedding Blog
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There are certain things that, just like fashion trends, come in and out of favour for weddings every couple of years.

Some things (like flower crowns, sweet carts and mason jars) stick around for a reason–yes they’re fads, but hey, we love them! Some things we cannot wait to see the back of. But then sometimes, there’s a wedding trend that becomes so well-loved, it enters that timeless sphere where it seems like it’ll never date. Here are some of our favourites…


It’s a lovely trend, and it’s also one that’s constantly evolving. Seasonal-focused weddings can be very beautiful–the flowers, colour scheme and food are all focused on one thing: the season at hand. Whether that’s a Christmas time wedding with sprigs of holly dotted around the place, or a Halloween celebration with pumpkin soup served, we love working with our surroundings and bringing them into each wedding we plan.


Pinterest is a fantastic tool, we love getting a feel for a couple via the many boards they’ve taken time to curate. But the trend for injecting your real personality into your wedding day through music, your choice of wedding cake (or donut display!) or your overall theme is one that we’ll always be on board with. There’s something special about a wedding that breaks the mould.


It’s something that we hear a lot, but the idea of you and your new husband or wife taking five or ten minutes away from your assembled guests to take it all in, declare your love for each other or even just have a breather in private is a really nice idea. It can make your day seem much more real, it can jolt you back into the room (because you’ll no doubt be on a cloud of happiness) and it’ll let you recoup before getting back to the party.


There is a reason flowers are so vital and central to most couples when it comes to creating the day of their dreams. Their unrivalled beauty and often a fabulous scent create instant atmosphere and real impact at any wedding. There isn’t a single wedding style or theme we can think of that wouldn’t benefit from some carefully arranged flowers or greenery. And thank goodness! We love that part…

We’re happy to talk trends, bucking trends and creating new trends with you and your fiancé/e, just get in touch and yours could be our most inspiring wedding yet!

Love, Sharon and the Frog Prince team x